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Internet Project Manager

Job Title
Internet Project Manager
Position Overview: To coordinate Internet support functions between Client and PCD technical staff.

• Acts a liaison between Client and PCD.
• Defines requirements in Change Requests to implement changes to Web pages and assists client with testing of
Change Requests.
• Communicates with clients regarding all Internet services provided by PCD, follows-up on all Change Requests.
• Works with Client to define requirements for major functionality enhancement requests for e-commerce
• Responsible for creating, maintaining and managing email communications, such as email blasts and system
• Performs tests, and obtains client approval for all HTML changes to or creation of new Web pages, package
emails, system emails, and printed letters.
• Submits billing to Management for all HTML Change Requests.
• Attends all conference calls and meetings related to assigned tasks.
• Assists developers with HTML changes to or the creation of new Web pages, package emails, and system email.
• Creates and/or obtains queries to obtain data for client. Runs queries and submits data to the client and/or
Program Manager.
• Creates and maintains discount codes for client.
• Troubleshoot account errors and take corrective action where necessary
• Trains Clients on e-commerce platform for building their own Web Order pages, Customer Self Service Site, and
Shopping Cart.

Requirements - Education
An Associate’s Degree required. Bachelor’s Degree Preferred in Market/Business Administration or related experience. Familiar with Web concepts HTML, proficient with MS Office, Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Candidate must have good mathematical skills for analysis and billing purposes. Candidate must have excellent oral and written communication skills.


• Sitting and keying for the duration of shift.
• Attributes: Hands, eyes, wrist, fingers, and back are used in order to perform the essential responsibilities of this

Works in a high volume fast paced production office environment.

Requirements - Experience - Minimum
1 Year
Full Time, Mon-Fri, 8:00am-5:00pm
Pay Rate
Negotiable with experience