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Mail Sorter

Job Title
Mail Sorter
Sort, count and enter into system all incoming mail by publication plus 4-digit zip code add-on, batch and release USPS returns, change of address, and white mail for processing while meeting production demands of position.

• Mail Sorting:
• Mail is sorted, paying close attention to Daily’s and Edit’s sheet as well as special handling sheets to secure mail is being sorted correctly, into 3 types of bins: Brown trays are payments/invoices (stamped mail), White trays are renewals (postage paid mail), and Colored trays are for special handling mail.
• Retrieves 2 trays of mail at a time from production coordinator.
• Sorts trays of mail by publication and extended 4-digit zip code add on.
• Daily’s, Edit’s and NRA go on one side of the table, all others go on the other side of table
• Moves sorted batches of mail to the flash counting area for processing.
• Once all incoming mail is sorted, works on 11 Commerce Mail, Return to Post Office Mail and pulling down white mail from tray area.
• Once all of this mail is processed, full time employees help out in the trailers opening mail if time permits.
• Must be able to meet production demands of position.

Flash Counting:
• Once mail is sorted, it all needs to be recorded into the AS400 system based on type of mail. Flash counting job function is rotated among 3 of the full time employees. Daily’s are flash counted first then Edits and NRA are flash counted and once all daily’s have been completed the balance of mail is flash counted.

• Enter PO Box Number plus 4-digit zip code add on.
• Enter quantity of batch, if no quantity is listed on batch, weigh the batch and the system will indicate appropriate quantity.
• Swipe appropriate ticket and place on mail bin (System tells you what color ticket to swipe and the edit time for this batch).
• Place flashed counted bins of mail in appropriate areas for batch distribution clerk to pick up.
• Insert Cards; Sorts, groups, counts, weights, binds and date stamps Insert Cards and Flash count sorted insert cards and distribute directly to Data Entry for processing.
• Must be able to meet production demands of position.

Requirements - Education
High School Diploma or GED is required. A stable work history is required.
Requirements - Experience - Minimum
0 Years
Part Time, Mon 5:00am-12:00pm, Tues-Fri 6:00am – 11:00am
Pay Rate