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Machine Operator 2nd Shift

Job Title
Machine Operator 2nd shift
• Reports to the lead at the beginning of each shift.
• Sets up machine according to operational guidelines and job specifications.
• Checks components stock code against the information recorded on the job ticket.
• Completes a Quality Assurance sheet so that management can check completed piece for accuracy.
• Has first live sample approved by a leadership/management, places three live samples into the job ticket. The only exception to this is metered and attached job.
• Handles attached jobs with extra care ensuring to box, label and keep in strict order when inserting.
• Notifies leadership/management if forms are damaged while handling attached jobs so that reprints can be processed.
• Documents metered mailing onto the meter sheet and hands over to the lead or supervisor at the end of the shift.
• Compares and verifies quantity to that specified on the job ticket at completion of job. Notify leads or supervisor if incorrect.
• Enters job tickets into AS400 system after completion of inserting.
• Informs leadership/management of any inserting difficulties.
• Places all enclosed items into a cart and tags with the correct mailing information ready for the next process. It is imperative that all hand written labels are legible.
• Hands over to the following operator in a manner that will allow them to continue the flow of production.
• Maintains machine operators function log sheet, places sheet in the designated tray at end of shift.
• Assists other members of team if for any reason your machine becomes out of service.
Requirements - Education
High School Diploma or GED is required. A stable work history is required.
Requirements - Experience - Minimum
1 Year
Full time
Pay Rate
$10.00 per hour