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Recruitment and Training

Recognizing each brand is unique, Palm Coast Data creates an agent profile and training plan designed to build maximum proficiency.

Candidates are subject to pre-screening evaluations, including prior experience, to verify employment eligibility. Qualifying candidates are interviewed to determine suitability for specific open positions within the contact center. Candidates' skills are evaluated and they experience 'live' calls simulating the brand environment. Successful candidates are subject to traditional pre-employment screening before beginning employment.

The client specific curriculum developed during the onboarding process produces a training package. All issues pertaining to agent education and systems are formalized and documented in the training package. The training package includes the following elements: client objectives, critical success factors, product knowledge, process requirements, scripts, QA requirements, client technology needs, agent profile and skill sets required for program participation.

Brands and programs requiring multi-lingual support have a home at Palm Coast Data. We support each client's specific needs in English, Spanish and Portuguese and have access to translation services as needed.