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Multi-Channel Brand Care

Image of call center operators servicing customers

Since 1984, our customers have placed their trust and brand with Palm Coast Data, a responsibility we take seriously.

Our agents are trained in sales and service, making them uniquely qualified to offer the right selections to your customers at the right time. With the best management in the business and the most talented, tenured staff available – averaging 5.2 years – Palm Coast Data offers guidance, experience and scalability to be your partner that delivers measurable value.

Palm Coast Data’s infrastructure allows enterprise wide collaboration to expand your communications functionality with a cost effective and dependable single platform solution. Palm Coast Data deploys numerous personal connection channels to engage customers in real conversations via the phone or digitally, creating positive brand reinforcing experiences.

Palm Coast Data uses the Avaya Aura platform to handle all transactions. Aura provides fully integrated skills based and conditional routing for inbound/outbound voice, email, web chat, SMS/Text and more.

Delivering single real-time and historical views from the system provides actionable insights on current activities and enhances our ability to plan/schedule for the future. End-to-end transactional data is stored, analyzed and available for all transaction types.

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