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Ecommerce and Online Marketing

PCD eCommerce provides you the ability to gain both wallet share from existing customers and secure new consumers. PCD Fusion provides you with the tools needed to compete in today’s online marketplace. PCD Fusion establishes real-time urgency by presenting intelligent offers to individuals consumers based upon information about that customer, at the moment of engagement when an impulse transaction is most likely to occur. PCD Fusion includes a number of pre-defined responsive templates, which expedites the development process. The templates are tailored to include the look and feel of each brand so customers feel at home when transacting with a brand. Of course, custom pages can be built. It also empowers you to activate modern strategies including:

  • Easy-to-create order pages
  • Ultra-sophisticated split testing
  • Extensive upsell and cross sell scenarios
  • Ordering, gift orders & order rescues
  • Split recipient destinations
  • Coupon & promotion codes
  • Bulk orders
  • Expanded payment options to your consumers
  • And more

PCD Fusion gives publishers access to a robust set of tools that yield greater control of eCommerce strategies. Its user-friendly interface is easily customized – and delivers an admin environment that is easier and faster to navigate than other systems available within the industry.

Fusion consists of 4 applications packaged into one system:

  • Page Builder
  • Customer Self Service
  • Shopping Cart
  • Consolidated Database

Page Builder in PCD Fusion is a user-friendly interface utilized by clients to create and modify new business, renewal, and gift order pages. The widget based features enable the non-technical user to build a functional, responsive page in short order. HTML savvy staff can build pages from scratch.

  • Quickly create branded pages
  • Store preapproved page templates, logo, images, and other frequently used assets
  • Drag & drop widgets and WYSIWYG editors
  • Implementation is easy and efficient – even for those with minimal technical training
  • And more

Customer Self Service empowers customers to manage subscriptions, donations, privacy settings and more.

  • Create a unique self-service experience so customers’ contact and payment information remain current
  • Empower customers to set privacy; manage donations and renewals; view order status and history; make inquiries
  • And more

Shopping Cart enables publishers to sell ancillary products.

  • Full-service shopping cart experience seamlessly handles subscriptions, print, back issues, digital and other products
  • Enables consumers to create wish lists, guide them with a recommendation engine, and takes advantage of cross sells within and across brands
  • Consumers can add multiple items, quantities and ship to addresses for one checkout process
  • Import/export product details
  • Automatic or required promotion codes
  • And more

The Consolidated Database brings together all consumer activities within a single brand. This means subscription, newsletter and product purchases are stored in a single database. Customers are able to use the PCD Fusion Customer Service portal to view all transactions within a given brand. The Consolidated Database provides marketers with the ability to interrogate a customer’s record and present an intelligent upsell or cross sell.

Digital integration options:

Fusion API: You or your 3rd party vendors may use our API to query subscriber information. Fusion Lookup methods can be used for Email Address, Account Number, or Name/Address to determine a subscriber’s status. API users must parse and validate the response to display content to consumer. We’ll be glad to supply our API specification to you.

Digital Entitlement System (DES): DES supports consumer authentication to determine their identity and resources to which they are entitled. DES is able to entitle subscribers to new, active or expired subscriptions. This can span all of the PCD offerings: magazine, product and membership. For more information click here OR Contact us and we’ll discuss the process with you.

CAS/Single Sign On: Central Authentication Service (CAS) is an enterprise single sign on solution. This enables a consumer to use one set of credentials to access: Customer Self Service (CSS), Digital Entitlement System (DES) with your App and your hosted content/fulfillment (i.e. your webpage/paywall). Paywall involves the sign in process of validating the login credentials. The items (content) may be a digital issue, or premium web content. You may control access to digital issues or premium web content.

3rd Party Communication: 3PC, sometimes referred to as Secondary Posting, is a feature that allows Fusion to send information gathered or generated during the processing of a transaction to another system. Target systems are typically an outside vendor for the publisher such as a company fulfilling a newsletter or a provider of digital content. 3PC configurations can be built based on the API specification of the receiving system. We build the API call and embed data fields from our system. The configuration can be reused for multiple transactions and pages. An example use of this feature could be if the receiving system needs the subscribers name, address and email address, we would build the API call using their format and embed the subscribers information into the call. When we finish processing the transaction we will execute the API call to the receiving system. 3PC is flexible and can support multiple formats such as JSON or Query Strings.

Contact us to ask about our Fusion Page Gallery, application Feature Lists or our On Boarding process to get started. We look forward to working with you!