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There’s No Compromise for Security

Identity theft is a serious and growing issue that affects millions of Americans each year, and it’s a crime that is growing exponentially. Last year, 13.1 million Americans were victims of identity fraud, according to a report released earlier this year by Javelin Strategy and Research – which found an increase of 500,000 identity fraud victims compared to 2012.

“This increase,” according to the report, “was driven by dramatic jumps in the two most severe fraud types, new account fraud (NAF) and account takeover fraud (ATF).”

The seemingly small bits of personal information consumers share every day are precisely what identity thieves need to wreak major – and costly – havoc: mailing addresses; social security numbers; phone numbers; dates of birth; bank and other account numbers; and more.

That’s why there’s no compromise when it comes to security at Palm Coast Data. All systems are equipped with industry-leading technologies that protect your proprietary business information and your customers’ personal information. We continuously review our protocols to ensure all data is securely managed. As new measures are introduced, we evaluate, test and implement.

We also work with every client up-front to ensure the protocols already in place adhere to individualized requirements. And implementing continuous updates and upgrades to all systems means the latest solutions are in place to combat potential threats like Heartbleed and the major flaw in Internet Explorer that was recently exposed.

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