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Palm Coast Data Kicks off 2014 with Commitment to Invest $2.6 Million in Digital, Online and Membership Technologies

Palm Coast Data has committed to invest $2.6 million in 2014 to expand and enhance its digital/ecommerce infrastructure, consolidated database technologies and membership services platform.

The move continues PCD’s momentum from 2013, when it launched an array of new high-tech products and services – like magMaker digital publishing; eNewsstand Consolidated Digital Reports; PCD Communications Suite email marketing platform; and Live Webchat Customer Service. It also acquired FulCircle, a Denver, Colo.-based, privately held company engaged in the marketing strategy, call center service, product distribution and operational solutions businesses.

“This multi-million-dollar commitment will help our clients continue growing and managing their digital footprints with new tools, easy-to-use functionality and a growing suite of solutions that are designed for their unique needs,” says Rory Burke, PCD’s executive vice president and chief operating officer. “It also improves Palm Coast Data’s already strong position of helping clients make revenue gains within an increasingly competitive marketplace.”

The investment is expected to yield several competitive advantages to PCD and its clients. The implemented solution will provide best-in-class tools that increase clients’ revenue opportunities, including expedited delivery of new products to the market; the ability to quickly and easily leverage digital and ecommerce product enhancements; and dynamic real-time database solutions with robust reporting capabilities.

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