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Palm Coast Data Continues Setting the New Pace for High-Tech Fulfillment

By Rory Burke, President, Chief Executive Officer, Palm Coast Data

Rapid strides have occurred within the digital-publishing space and have received significant attention from executives, media, analysts and pundits. But magazines still earn the lion’s share of revenue from their printed products.

As a company that services magazines and membership organizations, Palm Coast Data reflects the marketplace – printed products historically have, and still, drive our business. But we’ve long recognized our business is changing, and we have made great strides that set a new pace for high-tech fulfillment.

That journey, however, is still in its early stages – not just for Palm Coast Data, but for magazine publishers and all of their various service providers.

I recently spoke to The Daytona Beach News-Journal about some of our strategic initiatives that are moving Palm Coast Data and our clients forward – including continued emphasis on employee engagement, new innovation that expands our value, the repurposing of our core competencies and more. Click here to read the article.

Our industry is in the midst of an exciting evolution. Our role is changing from a back-end service provider to a strategic partner that is well positioned to help publishers acquire new customers and service their customers better than ever before.

And with the right formula in place – meaning, in part, that Palm Coast Data does good things and does the right thing – we will continue helping our clients make new gains in the marketplace.