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Increase in Charitable Giving could Create Greater Need to Outsource Nonprofit Management Functions

Charitable donations surged to a record-setting $335.17 billion in 2013 – the highest level of giving since its peak in 2007, just ahead of the economic crisis, according to recent research by Giving USA Foundation and the Indiana University Lilly Family School.

Arts, education, and health-focused groups netted the highest contributions, and high-dollar gifts from wealthy individuals are credited for leading the philanthropic recovery.

A growing abundance of cash can also mean more opportunities to invest in new strategies that further an organization’s cause and influence.

That’s why many of the nation’s leading nonprofit and membership organizations have made the strategic decision to outsource key management functions to Palm Coast Data. Our comprehensive fulfillment and high-capacity marketing execution services grow and service their base of support – allowing their staff to remain focused on delivering their mission.

By outsourcing revenue and cause-critical activities like member service, transaction processing, mass and targeted mail campaigns, and more, nonprofit organizations can reduce expenses and re-invest those savings into initiatives that expand their reach and cause. Outsourcing also ensures high-priority initiatives are seamlessly implemented – along with day-to-day tactics that keep an organization humming.

Outsourcing gives organizations access to new tools that can expand their reach and base of support. Palm Coast Data’s innovative field solutions, for example, take your mission to your audience and uses both kiosk and mobile technology to enroll new supporters on the spot.

Although the financial turnaround may be stabilizing, organizations won’t soon forget the challenges they encountered during the Great Recession – especially the need to achieve the most value from every single dollar. Outsourcing can be a key strategy that maximizes an organization’s dollars and furthers its cause. Contact us today to learn more about Palm Coast Data’s nonprofit and membership fulfillment solutions.