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Give Customers more Service Delivery Choices to Create Value

The value of delivering high-quality customer service has been a hot topic since audio of a call-gone-wrong with a Comcast agent began making the Internet rounds mid-summer. Now, it seems, recording bad calls with Comcast agents is growing in popularity.

Bad customer service is a common complaint across industries. A recent survey by a research and consulting firm found hotels, airlines, telecommunication firms and health plan providers deliver the worst service, and fast-food chains, supermarkets, and investment firms deliver the best (as reported by Forbes).

That’s why Palm Coast Data’s customer service agents undergo continuous training and are equipped with modern technology that shows your customers’ total relationship. This capability eliminates confusion and ensures agents remain up-to-date about your customers in real time.

Inquiries are answered and transactions are also completed promptly – and in the tone that you approve, because scripted messages are developed with your input. Our agents seamlessly extend your brand into professional, courteous service.

Beyond telephone agents, all of your contact systems must be queued up to deliver a seamless, positive experience that instills a sense of value when your customers renew a subscription, buy a gift, make a donation, or interact with your brand in any manner.

Long hold times, unresponsive web pages, and limited choices in service delivery are not acceptable. And to service a broad base of consumers effectively, a one-size-fits-all approach is not an option. Some customers want to call. Others want to connect online or via email. Some will be on a mobile device, and others will be on a computer.

This growing diversity in communication preferences means magazine publishers and membership organizations must provide their customers a variety of service-delivery options.

It’s also why Palm Coast Data recently completed upgrades to its Contact Center. The upgrade expands capabilities and gives our clients more choices in how they service their customers. The implementation of Avaya Aura® Contact Center 6.4 enables your customers to connect with Palm Coast Data’s agents through a variety of multimedia platforms, including:

  • Telephone;
  • Email;
  • Live Web Chat;
  • Click-to-Call;
  • SMS; and
  • Scheduled call-back. 

When customers have more choices in how they interact with your brand, they also perceive more value – because you are delivering resources that make interactions quick and easy.

Take action today: contact us to find out why the world’s leading magazine publishers and membership organizations trust Palm Coast Data to deliver comprehensive Customer Service solutions.