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“We have a really strong account team at Palm Coast Data, which makes all the difference when it comes to successful magazine customer service and fulfillment. The staff at PCD understands our business and works with us to get the most from their products and services. They’re also extremely patient and attentive with our customers, so we always have confidence that when a problem arises, they’ll handle it correctly and we’ll be alerted immediately so we can take corrective action.
We’ve reduced our magazine and product fulfillment costs significantly over the years while working with PCD, both by improving mailing efficiencies as well as reducing the volume of customer service contacts and/or complaints. The other, more important, benefit of fewer customer contacts is happier customers.
There aren’t any better fulfillment companies out there, although there are plenty of companies who say they are. But those companies only pay lip-service to the phrase client services, and typically ignore the needs and financial concerns of all but the largest magazine publishers. I trust the folks at Palm Coast Data to provide good customer service at a fair price, and when they make a mistake, I trust them to fix it and, when appropriate, provide fair compensation to their clients. I couldn’t and wouldn’t say that about any other fulfillment company in this industry.
I can only speak to magazine publishing, since that’s the only business I’ve ever worked in. But for anyone in that sector, Palm Coast is your best bet.”

"I have been using PCD’s printing and mailing services for many years. In most bidding situations, they win on a price basis. Their in-house comail facilities save significantly on postage costs, and printing, lettershop and data services are very competitive. But, even more importantly, they provide unparalleled customer service. I count on my projects with PCD being on time, error-free, and easy to manage."
Publishing Consultant

“Just a quick note to let you know how much we value the thorough services and TLC provided by you and the PCD team for each and every client-Publisher's direct mail campaigns. The track record for performance has been spot-on, 100%. We appreciate your attention to detail and the quality and professionalism in handling each and every job.”

Publishing Consultant

“We are two years into our partnership with Palm Coast Data as our subscription fulfillment vendor. They have exceeded our expectations and been able to deliver great client support and one-of-a kind subscription processing. Their management team and reps are extremely knowledgeable in subscription fulfillment, agency processing, mail and payment handling and customer support. When we look for ways to run our subscription business more efficiently, Palm Coast has been a true partner in bringing ideas, best practices and knowledge of the industry that allows us to make better business decisions. Their account management team has always been a pleasure to work with and has given us best in class support. We have been able to save a significant amount of money and have gained a large amount of process efficiencies by moving to Palm Coast Data. We are excited to look ahead and what is yet to come as our partnership grows.”

"Nearly 12 years ago we were in the process of selecting a new fulfillment partner that would be able to support our company’s needs. Our choice then was Palm Coast Data.
Several years later when we made a large acquisition, Palm Coast Data stepped up to the plate again. With the help of a dedicated team of Account Managers and programmers we achieved what everyone thought was impossible - the conversion of 39 magazine titles from an in-house fulfillment system in just 8 months! And, together, we’re still hitting home runs!
We have been repeatedly surprised by the detailed care taken with even the smallest customer service situations. Palm Coast Data has an excellent team of people and they have become a partner to us rather than simply a vendor. That is why our choice today is still Palm Coast Data."