Corporate Overview


Palm Coast Data LLC is a part of AMREP Corporation’s Media Services operations. It conducts subscription fulfillment and related services for publishers and other customers. PCD generates revenue by deploying high-tech, end-to-end fulfillment and marketing support solutions -- such as ecommerce; transaction processing; direct mail; and customer service. It serves numerous industries and offers specialized service lines for publishers and media companies as well as nonprofits and associations.

AMREP Corp. (NYSE: AXR) was organized in 1961 and, through its subsidiaries, is primarily engaged in four business segments: the Real Estate business operated by AMREP Southwest Inc. and its subsidiaries; the Subscription Fulfillment Services business operated by Palm Coast Data LLC and the Newsstand Distribution Services business; and the Product Services and Other businesses operated by Kable Media Services, Inc., and its subsidiaries.