Payment Processing

Palm Coast Data processes nearly 100% of incoming payments and donations the same business day they are received, which improves your organizational cash flow. Whether remitted online, telephone, or by mail, customizable management solutions enhance revenue streams. As a PCI and SAS 70 compliant business, all payments are processed in a highly secure environment.

Lockbox Processing

Nonprofits and associations that receive high volumes of payments via traditional checks can leverage PCD’s lockbox processing solution. As they arrive, checks are securely collected and submitted to a designated bank every business day for efficient payment processing. 

Debit and Credit Card Processing

Members and supporters submit credit or debit card donations through a user-friendly website interface that, on the back end, integrates with PCD’s secure ecommerce system – which can also up-sell or cross-sell items and/or services. Customer Service agents also receive incoming credit card and debit card payments via phone, again making timely up-sell or cross-sell offers that generate additional revenue. Or, for traditional mail, donations are accurately keyed into the system and quickly processed with your bank. 

Image-Based Processing

Image-based check processing expedites order and payment processing; reduces banking costs; expands deposit hours and cash flow; enables quicker access to funds; fosters more flexibility in bank selection; and enhances customer service.

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