Member and Donor Management

Nonprofits and associations require consistent interaction with donors, supporters, and members to achieve organizational goals and objectives. Palm Coast Data drives revenue, minimizes costs, maximizes reach, and helps staff stay focused on the true task at hand - delivering upon your mission. Customizable services can be scaled to your specific objectives and requirements.

Front-End Operations

Guided by a same-day processing philosophy that enhances cash flow, the Front End includes donation and dues processing and management – cash, paper check, digital check, credit card, debit card, and money orders; batch release; member data entry; agency processing; and customer correspondence units.

Customer Service

Trained to up-sell and cross-sell, PCD Customer Service agents operate as an extension of your staff while responding to supporter inquiries via telephone, email, or webchat. A customer-centric system shows the total, real-time relationship with your supporter in one view, which means agents can make the right offer at precisely the right moment. PCD is also a beta site for Avaya, a global leader in enterprise communications, systems, and services - which enables first access to, and direct development in, the newest call center solutions. PCD operates telephone, email, and online Customer Service seven days a week.


Scale drives down production and deployment costs for acquisitions and renewals, appeals, and other solicitation materials. Multiple client jobs are combined into single, high-volume streams that cut handling and postage expenses – and achieve a higher ROI from every mail deployment. PCD is active in the USPS Mailers Technical Advisory Committee (MTAC); PostCom; and the National Postal Forum to ensure your interests are well represented.

Direct Mail

A dedicated Business Unit leverages the reach and efficiency of direct mail to acquire and retain donors, members, and supporters. Tightly integrated with Graphic Services, List Services, and Lettershop operations, each job is deployed effectively, efficiently, on time, and to intended targets.

Product Fulfillment and Warehousing

Comprehensive product fulfillment solutions strengthen the member/donor life cycle through prompt order processing and delivery. Scalable storage options eliminate unnecessary expenses. Real-time inventory control and email notification of low stock situations enable precise product monitoring, while the latest in pick/pack/ship capabilities, and both manual and automated insertion options ensure efficient order shipment.

Data Analytics and Reporting

Comprehensive reporting keeps you in tune with critical organizational performance, including: bank deposits; customer service; mailings; orders; renewals; invoices; donations; usage; and more.

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